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Products to clean between the teeth
Products for dental care between the teeth.
Interdental care = Protection from caries as well as protection from gingivitis.

Interdental Care

Between your teeth you find the areas, where bacteria and plaque and food leftovers are difficult to remove. More then 30% of dental surface are in this interdental spaces.

Why cleaning in this areas between the teeth? To avoid bad brath, caries, bleeding gums and open lying roots of your teeth, interdental care is needed.

This means, you have to find a way, which is commfortable for you to remove plaque and food leftovers from this area between your teeths.

Since a toothbrush can not reach to this area - even an electrical or sonic toothbrush can not rearly - you have to find a dental care product, which fits to your teethcleaning situation an your abilities in using the different interdental care products.

Most effective, if used in the right way without hurting the gums, is dental floss. There are many different types of dental floss to individualize the use. But the proper use is not so comfortabel for many people and also the risk of wrong use of dental floss is quite high. Furthermore it is not so easy to work with dental Floss between the Molars. Also in case of backets or implants the use is not so easy.

For this reason, it is often recomended to try the second best way of interdental cleaning: Interdental Brushes (=Interproximal Brushes).

Depending on what areas you are trying to reach, you find different styles of interdental brushes. Some of them feature an ergonomic handle to make the reach - especialy of the molars - easier for you. There are also different hardness grades of the bristles and different qualities and materials of the wire avilable. This makes shure, that you can use for every interdental space the optimal interdental brush.

Are oral showers (oral irrigator / waterjet) a good way to clean interdental spaces?

Sometimes even the use of an interdental brush is not so practical. Then you can try a oral shower. But keep in mind, that this is only the third best opportunity cleaning interdental spaces. There are also risks in wrong use and too strong pressure of the pulsating waterstream.

For people with narrow interdental spaces ther is another system existing to clean between the teeth: Airfloss is not perfect, but very comfortable to use. High compliance is often better than wrong use of a optmal system.

On the next pages we will introduce these interdental care products: Dental Floss, Interdental Brushes, Oral Shower / waterjet (oral irrigator) an the airfloss. Interdental brushes or oral shower irrigator?
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