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Interdental Care Products

Which oral care products are suitable to clean interdental spaces. To clean interdental spaces mean to remove food leftovers and plaque. Further you should have a look on the aspect, how the chosen oral care product takes care of the gums, means not violate nor irritate the gums.

An effect on cleaning interdental spaces do have:
sonic toothbrushes, which are able to produce a hydrosonic effect. But this has only small effect.
Single Brusch toothbrushes
some special toothbrushes (small effect only)
Products, which have an better oder good effect on cleaning interdental spaces:
To remove food leftovers: oral shower waterjet (oral irrigator)
To remove food leftovers and to rewmove plaque: interdental brushes
to remove food left overs and plaque, also in very narrow spaces an also at the sulcus: dental floss

Some examples and recommendations for these oral care products for interdental care:

dental hygiene products.
interdental care

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