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how to mix cheap and brandname interdental brushes
Our tip No 1: For quite narrow dental space do not save money. The thin wire must be of the best quality, so that the use works easely and safe.

tip 2: When there are bigger spaces between the teeth then you can also try cheaper No-Name interdental brushes. However, you always pay attention to the fact that also the handle is so formed that the use / application also works in the area of the molars and without violating the gums.

Between the quite big interdental spaces you are bound again to the brand manufacturers, because the suppliers of cheaper interdental brushes offer mostly only the current middle dimensions which promise bigger sales amounts.

recommendation: With the middle dimensions check out different cheaper brands. For narrow spaces never save money in using cheap quality and cheap material.
dental space brushes: which to choose cheap or brand names?

cheap interdental brushes

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recomended interdental brushes
mouthwash / oral shower irrigator (dental water jet) / interdental brushes.

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