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Many cheap interdental brushes come from China. They are often of an simple) quality (which is - by they way - in some cases just enought). Mostly the handle - often slippery - is made from low quality which does not comove with the transition to the wire.

This can be the first point of fracture for the wire which is mostly not free of nickel or coated. Besides, the wire is mostly relatively thickly in proportion to the bristles, so that with narrow dental space already the wire is annoying. If the handle is too short and slippery or the bristles too hard and inelastic, finally, those cheap interdental brushes are too expensive putatively.

cheap interdental brushes
What to take care about buying interdental brushes. Part 1: What about cheap interdental brushes.

Page 2: When better buy brandname interdental brushes and which cheaper No-Name interdental brushes can be used: How to mix the brands.

Interdental Brush for interdental care.

Resumee: Sometimes, a cheap brush is just good enought, but in some cases, it is fundamental, to use higher or highest qualities. Whem you mix the brushes, you will get the best mixture of best taking care of your gums and saving some money.

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